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A non-abrasive, biodegradable Polish that will keep your Silver and Gold jewellery looking as new.

Tiffany and Pandora style jewellery never need to look tired.Made from natural ingredients it will also give brilliant results when cleaning cutlery, coin collections , musical instruments ...


Really, if it's made from metal, Original Gold and Silver Polish will renew and maintain it to its original showcase beauty.

 "  My Jewellery Looks Like New "


Generations (since 1964) of Australian Jewellery Lovers have trusted Original with their most treasured pieces of Jewellery.

Non-acidic, biodegradable and non-toxic, our products keep your gemstones sparkling, while maintaining the lustre of your gold and silver. 

Pearls, solid Opals and even costume Jewellery can be kept like new..

Over the more than half century Original Jewellery Cleaning Products our customers are evolving

Time is a scarce commodity as at no other time in our history.

Despite decreasing our ‘plastic’ packaging as much as we can .... we have saved the accessories that make everything easier. Our stylised cleaning  brush, the small bowl to be used as a divider/insert and organza for filtering sediment from your jewellery cleaner when necessary.

Yes, you can still purchase our purpose built jar but the thrifty among you can use any lidded jar from home (tip - choose one wide enough to accomodate a bangle)

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"Your All In One Solution for Beautifully Clean Jewellery"


Original® products - taking care of your precious jewellery since 1964 

The Original® Jewellery & Eyewear Care and Cleaner range was established by Australian Jewellery designer, John Withers and his father, Bob in 1964.

Since then, development has continued through John and his son Jason, a gemmologist and diamond grader.

This family really understand and love jewellery and just like the Original® consultants, they love working with the public, educating people how simple professional care and maintenance of treasured and sentimental jewellery items is with the Original products.

Over 40 years of industry experience backs the Original® guarantee for the professional, hygienically clean and polished results the Original Products produce and 'like new' appearance on jewellery and eyewear.

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