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Good Ideas for Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner

*this is your general,everyday cleaner

*never discard cleaner .... indefinate shelf life

*for convenience, decant cleaner into your accessory jar or any air tight container  (make sure other jars are cleaned of all chemical residue)& place in bathroom or close to your jewellery box

*try to use once  week if jewellery is worn every day

*use organza (supplied in accessory kit) as a filter when cleaner is dirty

....... CLEAN a CHAIN

Good Ideas for Gold and Silver Polish

*try to use 4-5 times a year

*polish is a non-abrasive semi-liquid so shake bottle well and use directly from bottle

*Pandora and Tiffany style jewellery safe

*no need to scrub away ... remember ,gently on and firmly off


.......Cleaning Spectacles and Screens


* when cleaning a screen on an electric appliance, always spray onto clean cloth

  never spray directly in screen 

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