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Original® products... taking care of Jewellery and Eyewear since   1964

The Original® Jewellery & Eyewear Care and Cleaner range was established by Australian Jewellery designer, John Withers and his father, Bob in 1964.

Since then, development has continued through John and his son Jason, a gemmologist and diamond grader.

This family really understand and love jewellery and just like the Original® consultants, they love working with the public, educating people how simple professional care and maintenance of treasured and sentimental jewellery items is with the Original products.

Over 40 years of industry experience backs the Original® guarantee for the professional, hygienically clean and polished results the Original Products produce and 'like new' appearance on jewellery and eyewear.


Other effective uses of Original Products ...............

The Original® Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner produces brilliant shine to chandeliers, crystals, crystal ware and glass ornaments.

The Original® Gold & Silver Polish on gold and silverware such as: teapots, cutlery, belt buckles, doorknobs, trophies and medals, coins and chrome parts on motorbikes and cars. cannot be surpassed.

The Original® Spectacle & Screen Cleaner has demisting and anti-static properties that hygienically cleans television, plasma and LCD and mobile phones screens, goggles and motorbike visors.


Original® Products 10 year Guarantee

The performance of Original products is guaranteed for 10 years.

The founding company Original holds testimonials from some customers who confirm they have kept the Original products for over 20 years and testify to seeing the same excellent results achieved as when first purchased. 

During production, Original products are subject to rigorous quality control and are manufactured according to regulated pharmaceutical requirements(TGA std). The Original products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, safe on hands, non-hazardous and jewellery cleaner is reusable

Original Consultants Build Relationships

Original demonstrators are the masters of their own destiny ! (corny,I know,but its true)

Time poor ladies demonstrate within small groups (mothers groups,party plan etc)and before they know it they have been on that holiday or finished the renovations

Girls, (and men are successful too) ..... the more time and resources you have to invest, the greater the returns !!

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